JULY 11 – 15 | JULY 18 – 22 | AUG 22 – 26


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  2. Read through this years information and think of the location best for you
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Camp 1: July 11 – July 15

Camp 2: July 18 – July 22

Camp 3: August 22-26


Youth 5-Day Camp: $400

Daily rate: $100/day

Early drop-off: 8:30am

Late pick-up: 3:30pm


Our summer camp for ages 7 to 13 (we offer one for tots 3-6yrs too) challenges and empowers young children in all areas of life from dancing to sports activities, improvisation, life skill development, teamwork building and most importantly gives them an outlet with new friends to have tons of fun! Join the 3sb faculty and outside professionals on an adventure that will help build your young child into confident young performers and strong leaders on and off the stage.

If you cannot make the whole camp but would like to come on specific days, please email and we will get you signed up.

Our 3sb “Life skills” component is designed to increase students’ knowledge of and ability to use the skills necessary for everyday living. Life Skills emphasizes defining personal values, goal-setting and planning, and solving problems. Instructional material focuses on dealing with media and peer pressure, communication and relationships, working with others, avoiding and/or resolving conflict, decision making, wellness and personal safety and how students can contribute to their own community


Bring the kids to us to blow off some steam in a fun and safe way, combining strategy, team tactics, accuracy, and fitness. Our New Wars goes through target practice, competitive games like capture the flag, reactive training, and more! A fun experience that will incorporate opportunities for team building and sportsmanship. We have a large arsenal of Nerf weaponry and ammunition along with bunkers and physical gauntlets to beat!


Come join 3sb in our high energy, swagged out, hyped up Hip Hop class! Learn the newest, trendiest hip hop steps seen in music videos and all over youtube as well as some classic old school steps to build a solid foundation. The class focuses on personal style development, choreography training and teamwork building in a fun setting.


This improvisational class, taught by our improv professionals, will take students through a journey into their own imagination and creativity; using items and objects around them to create real life scenarios and build their own unique stories and characters. This is an excellent course to build confidence and problem solving skills in a fun setting with new friends. Develops social aptitude and awareness with others.

SAFETY IS KEY: Everything is socially distanced 2 meters between each student in the rooms and the facility is monitored by 4 – 6 adults at all times who keep the facility clean and safe, abiding by Alberta Health regulations. There will be sanitization zones, guided entry ways and exits and transitions in and out of the studio all indicated by arrows on the floor and a trained staff to maintain all protocols at all times. We take this very seriously and the safety and health of all our students is the #1 priority!