While we encourage cross-training across all studios and with all teachers, we recommend our students minimize the amount of competitive classes they take with competing Hip Hop studios. Cross-competing can make it challenging at competitions when students have to spread themselves out rehearsing and performing between multiple studios and venues, making it challenging for the students and families to be 100% present and physically committed to each group.

*  We are always in support of what is best for our student’s growth and understand this can mean wanting to perform at other studios. We want to help in planning the best options for our students; please contact our administration to discuss. 


By registering for a competitive class you are committing to a full year program from September to June and all the rules that apply to our programs.



  • Only a written notice via email, or hand delivered to our front desk will be acceptable. (Telling a teacher is not acceptable).

  • This notification of termination must be received 1 week prior to the end of a month. Only in this instance will you no longer be charged for the remaining months.

  • On November 30th all costume and competition fees become non-refundable.

  • There is no refund for missed classes or prepaid classes.


    No Pay No Dance ~ It’s simple!

    If a late fee goes unpaid for more than 30 days, the student on the account will not be allowed to dance in any upcoming classes until the account is fully cleared up of all outstanding fees. This includes costumes fees, competition fees, warmup gear and monthly class fees. This also means you will not receive costumes or be allowed to compete on stage. 

    ** Payment arrangements can be made by contacting the administration office.


    Please email the administration office ( of any missed classes before the missed session. The administration will notify the appropriate teachers of the students absence.

    ** If you have more than 3 unverified absences then the teacher may remove you from the current combo they are working on.

    ** If you have more than 5 unverified absences then the teacher may remove you from the class for the season.


    1. No Food or Drinks allowed in the studios – only bottled water. Please make sure to pick up after yourself and leave the space in the same condition you found it.
    2. All students must have indoor shoes; no outdoor ghetto shoes allowed in the studio.
    3. All students and parents must bring clean/dry indoor shoes to the Centre in the winter months. Outdoor shoes must be left in the front vestibule before entering the lobby to the studio
    4. Bathrooms: Please make sure to throw away paper towels in the bin after use. 


    We provide 3 ways to communicate with parents:

    1. Direct Email and group texts
    2. BAND App Studio Information page 
    3. 3rd Street Beat App
    4. Our Monthly Newsletter
      1. If you do not receive your monthly newsletter, please make sure to let us know. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/account holder to ensure a current email address is on your online account. We post all newsletters on the website, on the bulletin Board at the Studio and on Facebook.

    All important dates are on the website & on the APP.

    KINDNESS COUNTS – Zero Tolerance on Bullying

    At 3SB, we believe it’s very important to treat people with respect and kindness at all times. We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying, profanity or general rude behavior towards fellow dancers or families in the studio. This behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances and you may be removed from the studio if found being disrespectful. Always be kind and lead with love.