Classes at 3sb for 2023/2024

Competitive Divisions and Drop in Training

What’s a competitive Division

Our competitive divisions are Junior, Varsity, and company crews within all the specialized street dance styles we offer at the studio. Each Division team will compete 4 teams throughout the spring and perform at our year-end show in June. Expectations of a competitive division are to not miss more than 3 classes in a dance year (Sept-June)

What’s Drop in Training?

These are our drop-in classes available for all ages and levels of experience to try out the different styles of street dance we offer and learn some fun new moves and techniques every week. Each Drop in class focuses on a given style and will focus on drills, freestyle, choreography and just having fun with different types of music authentic to that particular style of street dance class

Divisions – 8 divisions (26 classes) Sept – June competitive teams

Divisions 1-5  

Must take at least one Drop in Training class to strengthen skills (if you are in ONE division i.e fierce then you would need to take the Femme styles drop in; meaning take the corresponding style of drop in that goes with the division.  If you are in 2 or more divisions you would need to take a minimum of 2 drop ins so long as they match with the divisions.

Divisions 6-8 

These are not required to take a Drop in Training class, however, it is always recommended to take an additional drop in training to advance in skills. 

The Pairings of Divisions/Drop ins are as follows:

FunkadelicsFunk styles
Droidz Foundation First or Animation/Robot freestyle
FierceFemme styles
3SB Company All styles adv training
HomiesFreestyle or Youth Hip Hop

 The other 3 divisions (Youth, Teen, Adult) can take ANY of the drop-ins as additional training options but are not required to take a specific drop-in class. 

Here are the 8 Divisions:

Droidz (crew, varsity, juniors) – Harman Baweja 

Funkadelics (Juniors, varsity, crew)
Chris Hammer, Greyce Thibault-Mclean and Lukas Lock – **NEW teacher Hunter Jackson from illFX!

Fierce (Juniors, varsity, crew)
Jordan Desharnais, Cherelle Jeree, Sakshi Kaur, Katherine Burrowes – **NEW teacher Lady C!

Homies  (Juniors, varsity)
Kit Dohaylo  

3SB Company (Juniors, varsity, crew)
 ** NEW Teachers – Denzel Borja, Ashton Fisher, Ziad Aly, Sakshi Kaur, Reid Friedl

ADULT Street Dance teams (Lvl 1 and Lvl 2)
NEW Teachers
3SB Adults Lvl 1 – Stacey Abdella
3SB Adults Elite Lvl 2 – Lukas Lock, Edgar Reyes, Katherine Burrowes, Harman Baweja

TEEN Street Dance teams
Hunger Dogs Lvl 1 – Deejay Ness
The Pack Lvl 2 – Deejay Ness
The Business Broz Lvl 2 – Chris Hammer, Ziad Aly, Lukas Lock, Harman Baweja, Kit Dohaylo

YOUTH Street Dance teams
Fresh kidz (Sat/Sun/Wed) – Deejay, Jade, Chris
Kool Katz – Deejay, Lola, Chris
Business Boys Lvl 1 – Chris Hammer

Drop in training classes (9 classes) Sept – June 2024 

Femme styles 
Mondays – 7:00pm 
Jordan, Katherine, Lady C, Cherelle, Sakshi

Funk styles 
Saturdays – 2:00pm
Chris, Greyce, Hunter

Groove foundations
Sundays – 11:00am
Chris, Reid, Ziad

Youth hip hop
Saturdays – 12:00pm
Deejay, Jade 

Teen/Adult hip hop All styles
Sundays – 12:pm
Deejay, Harman, Ziad, Jordan

Foundation First
Mondays – 5:30pm
Luke and Harman

Saturdays – 1:00pm
Kit and Movementality crew

All styles open advanced
Sundays – 5:00pm
Denzel, Ashton, Reid, Thomas, Greyce

Animation/Robot Freestyle
Mondays – 7:30pm