We help shape families lifestyles through Health, Wealth and Relationships

We are passionate about developing youth because they are the leaders of tomorrow and what we do for them today will shape the future of our world

We believe that teaching the value of CONTRIBUTION can make a significant IMPACT on youth producing the ultimate goal of mental and physical TRANSFORMATION into the best version of themselves

Our Role In The Community

3SB’s goal is to develop our students into future leaders and mentors by providing them with education, tools, motivation and community performance opportunities that both challenge and reward their hard work.

We also provide volunteer opportunities through the Youth Giving Back Foundation, a non-profit organization that operates the 3SB Creative Youth Centre.

Our Purpose

We are more than a studio….. we are continually developing programming that is more than just dance. We are trying to empower our students by inspiring them to be complete leaders in all areas of life from school, family, relationship and the workplace to have them make smarter choices and affecting other people to do the same.

We believe our programming guides youth in making smarter choices and feeling empowered as a leader among their peers outside of the studio.

Core Values Guiding Us

Healthy Active Lifestyles | Empowering Students through creative arts | Giving Back to the Community | High Level Dance Education | Respect and Social etiquette | Team Work

Our why

We are not a Dance Studio, we are a Creative Youth Centre Our goal is to make you SEE DANCE DIFFERENTLY

Why are we trying to make everyone SEE DANCE DIFFERENTLY??

Because we believe finding out WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE WANT TO BECOME are the most important challenges of youth development… So what are we doing everyday to make sure our kids are doing that?  We use dance as the vehicle to inspire and mentor youth and guide them through a journey to the ultimate goal of understanding the value of contribution and making a lasting impact on the people around them.