The Home Team


Lukas Lock

Owner | Senior Hiphop Instructor

Luke, aka Lukas Lock, is the co-founder and executive director of 3rd Street Beat Studios: Edmonton’s leading all Hip Hop dance studio. He is also the Managing Director of the 3SB Creative Youth Centre which is home to many performing arts, fitness & sports companies including 3SB.

Luke has created, choreographed and produced some of Canada’s top Hip Hop and street Dance events including the Hip Hop For Hope Benefit Series 9 years running, the Artists Emerge national dance competition, Dancers Paradise competition in Mexico & G2 Entertainment that hosts innovative and cutting edge dance workshops and performances across Canada. in 2011, Lukas co-wrote, directed, produced and choreographed the Hip Hop Saved my Life dance production that toured Mainland China for 30 days as the first Canadian hip hop company. In 2014, he performed with his 3SB crew on Carnival Cruise lines across the Mexican Riviera. He has taught workshops and performed with his crew 3SB in  in Las Vegas, Spain, China, Korea, the US and all over Canada spreading the message of Peace, love, unity and having fun

Competitively he and the 3SB crew have won two years in a row at the Canadian National Hip hop championships in Montreal and represented Canada in HHI Las Vegas in the semi finals both years.

Credits and Training
Opened for Boys 2 Men, Shawn Desman, Massari, Ginuwine, Chris Brown, and 112…
Trained under: Electric Boogaloos Suga Pop and Poppin Pete as well as the Originality Lockers, Madd Chadd with LXD and pioneer of animation dance, Boppin Andre. Hip Hop trained under Buddha Stretch, Link and Caleaf with Elite Force.


Mark Ward


Mark Ward is the Co-founder and Owner of 3rd Street Beat Entertainment. With A Business Management background and over 15 years of experience in the dance industry he has developed from a street dancer to choreographer to producer/director.

Mark is also a licensed Travel Agent with Brave New World Travel and handles all the travel arrangements for the company and its affiliates.

Charitable Associations: Board Member of the Youth Giving Back Foundation founded in 2014

Producer & Director Credits

  • 1st Canadian International Hip Hop production to ever hit mainland China “Hip Hop Saved My Life” 2010 30 Day Tour
  • Artists Emerge International Street Dance competition founded in 2006
  • Annual benefit Concert Hip Hop for Hope founded in 2004
  • Dancers Paradise Destination Competition founded in 2016

Choreography & Performing Credits

  • 3sb Studios 2001 – 2004
  • A.L.I. Entertainment in Toronto 2006
  • Vancouver recording Artist “Kayle” 2006
  • Opening performances for Boyz II Men, 112, Masari


Richard Andries

Senior Hiphop Instructor

Richard Andries has become one of the key driving forces within the Hip Hop dance scene in Edmonton and across Alberta. With his high energy classes and his passion for the art, he continues to share his vision of the positivity of hip hop culture in everyday life.

His personal style is heavily influenced by the foundation of hip hop dancing; popping, locking, breaking, house and newer forms such as Krump, and Street. Richard continues to sharpen his skills training with North America’s finest and lives with the motto that you are always a student of the dance.

Richard also recently returned from a tour across Europe with Urban Metropolis, and 4 Korners the Toronto Raptor’s official DJ’s. Richard has also accompanied Canadian stars Kayle and Gary Beals as a background dancer. With his dynamic style and energetic choreography Richard maintains the true techniques of hip hop including Popping, Locking, Breaking, Tutting and more. This year Richard traveled to Detroit with the Xtreme Dance Convention Faculty. There he assisted Bradley Rapier of the “Groovaloos”, and was along side of some of Americas finest choreographers including Liz Ramos, Brian Friedman and many more. Richard is currently teaching throughout Alberta and preparing for a dance tour across China with Spice Productions. He continues to train, perform and teach with North America’s finest.

Richard is the Owner of Represent Dance which is known to be one of the top Street Dance Competitions in the Province.

Credits and training
Chris Brown, Ludacris,Boyz II Men, Ashanti, 112, Ginuwine, The Game, Snoop Dogg, Nelly Furtado, Kardinal, Choclair, Gary Beals, In Essence, Massari, and Shawn Desman


Harman Baweja

Senior Hiphop Instructor

Harman Baweja is a Dancer/Choreographer with a very unique style of movement. His choreography can best be described as sharp and controlled movements with heavy emphasis on ‘Animation’ technique combined with innovative movement. Harman’s classes are focused on in-depth training on technique mixed with a positive and fun atmosphere to learn in!

Harman continues to improve and sharpen his talents through further training and hard work. His goal is to inspire and be inspired in every class he teaches and takes!

Madd Chadd (LXD, Step up), Boppin Andre (Original founders of ‘Animation’ dance), Shaun Evaristo (Principal dancer for Justin Bieber), Lyle Beniga (Principal dancer for Usher and Justin Timberlake

Opening acts: Chris Brown, Ginuwine, Snoop Dogg, Akon, Fabulous, K-Ci and JoJo, Massari and ABDC winners The Jabbawockeez, 2014
1st Place recipients at the Canadian Hip hop Championships with 3rd Street Beat Crew
Performance on National TV show ‘Zoink’d’ on YTV Canada
Toured in Mainland China with an all Canadian based production called HHSML (hip hop saved my life).
Taught & performed in: Spain, China, India, Cuba, Las Vegas, Chicago, LA and all over Canada.

Dreyden Free

Hiphop Instructor

Dreyden’s the name and dancing is my game. When I was a teenager, my inspiration for dance came from the show ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew) where I watched the Jabbawockeez perform and win the first season. From then on I’ve had the pleasure to train both from and alongside a variety of gifted instructors both locally and internationally for many years. Through this time I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to travel and compete at a wide range of large scale competitions like Dancers Paradise, World of Dance, and HHI. These days, my dance focus goes towards sharing my own knowledge with the dance community while also pushing myself to keep learning and feeding my passion to pursue even bigger dreams.


Katherine Burrows

Hiphop Instructor

Katherine has been a dance professional in the Calgary arts community for over 15 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance with Distinction from the University of Calgary, and has trained in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, London UK and Tokyo. Katherine has performed professionally with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Elektra Dance Company, The Calgary Spurs, House of Dangerkat, Groove Academy, Shine Ensemble, and toured China with the production Dragonfly Cafe.

As a choreographer, Katherine has created work for numerous competitions, studios, stage productions and multiple international touring productions. She specializes in urban styles and is a director of illFX Entertainment and Education based out of Calgary. Katherine is passionate about the development of local artists and the importance of the performing arts in Canada.


Alyssa Bokenfohr

Technical Instructor
Alyssa is a teacher and dancer at 3rd Street Beat, Teaching Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro, Jnr Ballet, and Hip Hop.

Alyssa started dancing at the age of 6 training in classical styles such as Jazz, Ballet, and finally, when she was old enough, Lyrical, Tap, Contemporary, and Hip Hop.  Alyssa studied under Odessa Wowk at Zero Gravity Dance, and completed her Advanced Foundation in RAD under the direction of Colleen Boe.  She has been training in Hip Hop styles for 6 years, with both 3rd Street Beat and illFX, and continues to compete and dance.  She has a level 1 certification for Acro with Acrobatic Arts.
 In 2016 she was part of the illFX Apprentice Crew, taking part in club gigs and making production shows throughout the year, which allowed her to start her professional/teaching career.  She is also really excited to be a part of the EE Hype Team again for a third year, and especially loves creating community and dancing for the pure joy of dancing.

Her classroom philosophy is to not only help her students as dancers but in their everyday life. She focuses on improving/ and creative movement with her students, as it helps them feel comfortable with their bodies and how they move individually.

“The importance is to look like yourself, not like anybody else; Don’t worry about what other people think of you, only worry about what you think of you, and strive to be the person YOU want to be!”


Kit Dohaylo

Hiphop Instructor

Kit is fascinated by the various forms of hip hop, like popping, locking & animation and many other forms of dance like ballet, tap, contemporary jazz, street jazz, broadway, modern, bboy and bgirl dance. Kit brings his passion for the various styles of dance he studies to his classes which focus on Hip Hop, including locking, popping, breaking, and L.A. style choreography.

He taught and competed for many years in the Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong, before moving to Canada and brings a unique dancers insight with a strong sense of musicality, and funky rhythm into his teaching and sharing his love of dance, which you can feel the minute his class. Kit started performing Hip Hop dance in 2004 and has been teaching since 2011.

He has earned many awards and dance titles from Edmonton and Vancouver all the way to Malaysia and the Philippines… well around the world and he is sought out as a guest judge for competitions worldwide.


Jordan Desharnais

Hiphop Instructor

I have always had a passion and love for dancing, I started dancing (hip-hop) at just 8 years old – so it has always been a big part of my life. I started competing out of Art of Dance in St. Albert until I was about 13 years old while also doing shows like Santa’s Kidz and Hip Hop for Hope out of 3rd Street Beat. Doing those shows made me decide to switch studios to 3SB and strictly train in just Hip-Hop.

Performance Credits

At 15 years old I  joined an all-female dance crew “Bad b*$# Mentality”.  We danced in ‘ The Outlawz” music video, won 3rd place at Artists Emerge ’14, performed at various venues , opened for “Kirko Bangz”, opened for Jay Sean, etc.
About 2 years after I was asked to be a part of a select group/company called “NXG Company”. I trained for 4 years with the group where we competed at World Of Dance Vancouver, danced in “ Looking for Somebody- John Dough’s music video,” won 2nd place at Artists Emerge and 1st place at Represent Street Dance Competition.
In 2013, BBM, White Chocolate and 3SB dance crews joined together to create “Yegrbombs Dance Crew”. We trained and competed for a year and a half together taking on World of Dance Vancouver and local competitions.


Courtney Woods

Tech + Hiphop Instructor

After being involved in the Alberta dance community for over 25 years, Courtney Woods has had the amazing opportunity to not only train under some of the most influential individuals in the diverse dance industry but also all over Canada and the United States in numerous styles; Jazz, Tap, Ballet, HipHop, Funk Styles, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, African, and Latin, to name merely a few. With over 15 years of experience in the competition circuit, completing Advanced exams in both A.D.A.P.T Jazz and Tap, and training with a specialization in Tap, Musical Theatre, and Hip Hop, she has developed a passion for the Art and a desire to ensure that the Alberta dance scene is not only a great place to learn and grow as an artist but also a cultural hub for the Performing Arts.

Over the past fifteen years, Courtney has had the amazing opportunity to be a part of numerous shows and events including the Special Olympics, Rhythm in the Garden, the Lilac Festival, multiple seasons of Dance Explosions, West Side Story, a month-long tour of Hip Hop Saved My Life in mainland China, and most recently a multi-genre dance production, A Dance Journey – Traveling in Time, for the 2017 Edmonton Fringe Festival. She has adjudicated at festivals and competitions in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, has danced in numerous Tap, Hip Hop, and Contemporary shows in Los Angeles, St. Louis and Chicago, was a founding member of two Tap companies: “MADD Rhythms Canada”, and “Fab Feet”, and continues to both work and volunteer her time with numerous Early Learning Programs, Jr. and Sr. High schools and Special Needs programs across the province.

While ensuring today’s dancers learn and master the steps is the principal goal, Courtney hopes to also clarify the roots and history behind the art form so as to have them begin to fully appreciate how dance has evolved and where it is undoubtedly headed.


Davin Ness

Hiphop Instructor

Davin loves to share his knowledge and passion for dance with students of all ages, and holds the philosophy that dance class is about expressing the love of music and movement – we dance because it is fun! His goal is to help his students gain confidence and strength both inside and outside the studio.

Davin specializes in animation and robotics, but trains in many different dance styles including Old School, New School, Popping, Locking, House, Krump, Whacking, and Melbourne Shuffle. His training has allowed him to compete in World of Dance Edmonton, Seattle and Arizona, represent Canada at the 2016 IDO Street Dance Championships in Graz, Austria, and he now performs on the Edmonton Eskimos’ Hype Team.



Ajay Musodi

Calgary, AB

Ajay Musodi is a Calgary based choreographer who began his journey training with IllFX Company his recent credits include receiving 1st Place AE Calgary 2016, 2nd Place All Star AE Edmonton 2017 and 1st Place AE Vancouver 2017 Adjudicators Choice Award AE Vancouver 2018 & Radix Oregon 2018 Top Scoring Hip Hop Choreographer aside from competitive choreography Ajay dedicates his time teaching in-school Hip Hop residency programs to schools across Canada for students from grades K-12! He does so with the sole purpose of spreading the infectious Culture of Hip Hop dance… helping dancers connect to the music which in turn connects us all and allows to share positivity with world surrounding us.