We offer competitive classes in hip hop & select technical styles. We also offer drop-in/recreational classes. NEW for 2018 is our Academy Program for youth + teens.

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NOTE: Competitive classes cannot be joined after November 1 as the choreography will be too far along for new students to catch up. Need an exception made? Email us at


The competitive program is for someone who has never danced before and also for the inter/advanced dancer, but most importantly it is tailored for those who are interested in being a part of a group that works towards a goal of performing on stage in front of their parents and peers. This program truly builds confidence and gives youth a structure with a focused result that is a lot of fun along the way.

Are designed to be a fun and welcoming way to explore new movement, develop rhythm and coordination and build a foundation of techniques and skills within a specific style of dance.

The Technical program has been created to allow students at 3SB to become fully rounded, confident movers. Intended for beginner and intermediate/advanced level dancers. Students will learn about different facets of performance, technique, and musicality in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Street Jazz & Contemporary. The motive of this program is to allow dancers to increase their vocabulary and knowledge of all dance styles, to be a truly well rounded dancer.

Are designed for dancers who are looking to get serious about really specializing in a specific style.  These classes are drop in based however they are just specialized and are usually meant for dancers that want to really train in a specific area.  Example.  3SB technicians trains specifically in the style animation.

A team is the next level of competitive dance classes often running twice/week; pushing boundaries on both technical training as well as commitment. Teams are Audition based.

A team is more selective with its members because in this class setting the teacher needs to create a specific vibe in the room with students of the same caliber and focus. What makes the process different in a team is that there is a time for Choreography and time focusing heavily on training technique through drills, freestyle, and student challenges. There is more responsibility in a team, and absolutely no tolerance for unexcused absences or tardiness. Pre-Professional Teams also perform or compete at other venues and competitions outside of Edmonton to rep 3sb and Edmonton street dance at the highest level as well as to bond with each other and create positive synergy with all members.

Beginner is for the student with 0 – 3 years experience in dance and looking for a place to start. No age or level of experience limitations! As a beginner we recommend taking 1-2 hrs per week of training and mixing and matching your classes.

Intermediate is for the student with 3-5 years experience in dance and looking to explore a diverse dance experience. We recommend taking 3-5 hrs per week of training and mixing and matching your classes. At this level you might start thinking about auditioning for a team.

Advanced is for students with 5+ yrs experience. Students should consider these classes only if they want to challenge themselves in a fast paced class among other advanced students. Most of our Advanced classes are Audition based where you join a Team if you make the class.


Registration for Drop-in/Recreational classes can occur anytime and most classes can be attended without pre-registration.  You may pay per class or monthly at a special rate.