The Academy is comprised of the 3 building blocks to a well balanced lifestyle which are:


Each student will have a binder which they will build with worksheets of what they learn each week. Parents will receive updates on the progress of their child.

September is our Discovery Session

This means that all students enrolled will be assessed by our team of instructors and given a unique challenge, tailored to each individual student, during the month. This challenge will address a current goal/milestone chosen by the student. Successful completion of the challenge “graduates” the student to the next level of the Academy in October.

Oct – Dec [Semester 1]

The first semester is all about FOUNDATION where students learn the basic concepts in the Dance, Life Skills & Improv courses. We take the time in the 1st semester to ensure each student feels comfortable in all the courses and is really connecting with each subject.

Jan – March [Semester 2]

The second semester dives deeper and focuses on CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. We go inward and get vulnerable and learn about what our fears are and how we can overcome them and find our authentic self and stress the importance of it being ok to be yourself. We end the semester with their first Improv/Dance performance.

April – June [Semester 3]

The third semester is all about CREATIVITY & PERFORMANCE, self expression and creative exploration focusing on performance and confidence. Students start to go back to the many lessons learned and connect them to the current projects. They are taken further out of their comfort zone and prepare for their grand finale showcases at Centre Stage and the Citadel Theatre.



  • Understanding Self-Esteem
  • Positive Self-Talk
  • Working with others
  • Social and interactive play
  • Peer to Peer exchange and mirroring
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creating Healthy Relationships
  • Self-Care Basics
  • Making Plans and Setting Goals
  • Accountability Check ins
  • Social Media Safety and awareness
  • Nutrition/Money Management