Confidence, Leadership, Motivation
Designed for families who want more for their kids than just dance and competitions….


Confidence, self-esteem & respect

Goal Setting

Money/Debt, Motivation

Social Strength

Failure, Peer pressure, Bullying

Life Skills

Nutrition, Manners, Spirituality

We will empower students by inspiring them to be complete leaders in all areas of life

From school, family, relationships and the workplace. We aim to help our students make smarter choices and influence other people to do the same. Youth will learn about life skills that are essential to getting an edge on aspects of life that most people find out the hard way! The truth is, there is a lot of information we are left in the
dark about and we do not learn from school or from our peers.

The Academy Programs

Running from September – June


Saturdays: 12-3pm (3hrs)


Saturdays: 12-3pm (3hrs)

TEEN: 13-16

Sundays: 12-1:30pm (1.5 hrs)


The Academy is run by several of 3sb’s top educators and mentors and a team of specialized coaches and professionals from our partnering companies.

Some of these companies include:

Rapid Fire Theatre
Providing coaching in improv, acting and stage performance. Offering tips and technique to improve self expression, imaginative play, team synergy, confidence, self esteem, leadership, etc. Will also be providing performance opportunities in their annual kidprovisation, chimprov and citadel showcases.
Fuse | Dance + Meditation
Founded by Talia Adler and Ali Masse,  professional hip hop dancers with Psychology degrees and registered social workers.

They have created a specialized 2 month curriculum focused on improvisational dance exercises and meditation. Our focus and intent is in helping dancers grow, while fostering their confidence, performance, and creativity – both in their dance and personal lives. Fuse will utilize dance as a means for expression and to boost creativity. They will challenge students using live music, props and many other unique techniques built specifically for the Academy.

Shotokan Karate Club
Joseph Lacoste, blackbelt and owner of the Kensignton shotokan Dojo, is leading our anti- bullying module to empower students to fight back through self defense and empowerment.
Rhythmic Flow Productions | Art
Richard Andries will be sharing his new sacred geometry course with the students to provide a new insight into self exploration and spirituality while also training in a new artistic skills.
Strategic Partners
We will be taking 2 field trips in the year to other facilities that connect with the programming presented in that semester. The Royal Glenora Club will be one of these partners.

Pricing is coming soon!


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